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SL Geo


  • Racing handlebar tape engineered with Microtex microfiber
  • Improved damping modulus for the maximum hand comfort
  • Tacky feature providing superior hand grip during extreme rides
  • Road vibrations and shock softener
  • Anti-slip during wet and humid conditions
  • Superlight bar tape of 30gr each tape
  • Damping foam base layer helps to prevent numbness to fingers
  • High sweat absorption properties and fast dry features
  • Premium lock-tight end plug included

When you ride the SL Geo tape you will start to touch and to feel the need to start new journeys and new cycling routes. SL Geo tape belongs to the superlight family and it communicates the will to ride thanks to the geographical design and map texture directions. SL Geo is engineered by Microtex PU surface which provides breathable, comfortable, and extremely grippy features and it withstands the sweat pouring from hands and head. The triple-layer structure design increases its lifetime durability through the tensioned structure of the middle layer, while the high-density first layer works as a cushion and it spreads shocks and vibrations coming from the tarmac.

  • Tacky and anti-slip PU leather surface with anti-dust treatment
  • Unique and eye-catching texture design
  • Long lasting durability features, highly resistant to scratches and hits
  • Easy wrapping operation with strong tensioned structure
  • Super lightweight of 30g / each tape

Microtex-Polyurethane / EVA


2150mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 3 mm (T)


60g/ pair (excl. end plug)


Black-Blue, Black-Red

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