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d-Cage, designed for sport and PET bottle


  • Hassle-free design suitable for both sports and PET bottle storage
  • Engineered with reinforced plastic
  • High degree temperature tolerance: -20°C~ +80°C
  • Light bottle cage of 48g
  • Available in black and white color

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d-Cage is the perfect solution to carry any kind of bottle during the rides. Have you ever experienced to have a bicycle ride and to forget your sport bottle at home? That frustrating issue often happens but d-cage allows to fit any kind of sport bottle and PET bottle commonly sold in any markets. In fact d-cage can easily keep the half liter PET water bottle. D-cage can securely hold any bottle in place thanks to the specific construction which keeps the bottle firm up-side down. The shape and the construction of d-Cage is engineered with reinforced plastic.


Reinforced Plastic


75(L) x 73(D) x 150(H) mm




Black, White

Package includes

Bottle Cage *1
Bolt *2

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