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SL Dual Metallic


  • Racing handlebar tape engineered with Microtex microfiber
  • Improved damping support for the maximum hand comfort
  • Road vibrations and shock softener
  • Anti-slip during wet and humid conditions
  • Metallic color with gradient design
  • Superlight bar tape of 30gr each tape
  • Outer layer with vascularizing action preventing numbness to fingers
  • Tacky feature providing superior grip during extreme rides
  • High sweat absorption properties and fast dry features
  • Suitable for all handlebar shapes: round, integrated, flat and aerobars

SL Dual Metallic is the masterpiece of the Superlight family and it owns astonishing color and texture properties. SL Dual Metallic has been engineered with the purpose of offering the best metallic colors in the bar drop area and lasting lifetime durability. That means that SL Metallic can keep the original color under extreme weather conditions: extra hot, humid, and rainy weather. SL Dual Metallic tape is produced by a Microtex layer which provides breathable, comfortable and extremely grippy features and it is highly resistant to the sweat pouring from hands and to extreme climate. The SL Dual Metallic patented triple layer design increases durability through the tensioned structure of the middle layer, while the high density first layer works as cushion system absorbing shocks, and it provides extra comfort.

  • Metallic color wide range engineered with long lasting durability features
  • Superlight weight tape of only 30g each tape
  • Easy wrapping operation with strong tensioned structure
  • Anti-slip, superior hand grip
  • Improved GUEE end-plug with matchable and protecting color cap

Microtex-Polyurethane / EVA


2150mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 3 mm (T)


60g/ a pair (excl. end plug)


Chameleon-Gold-Green, Chameleon-Purple-Blue, Chameleon-Ultra-Violet-Green, Metallic-Blue, Metallic-Orange, Metallic-Red, Shining-Black, Shining-Gold, Shining-Silver

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