About Us

Guee is an emerging cycling brand that was first introduced in 2010. Guee, pronounced ‘Goeey’, is meant to evoke things that are soft and sticky. We like to think our Guee products are similar; synonomous with comfort and superior performance. The Guee concept has inspired a complete range of premium cycling accessories.

Guee Team

Guee operates with the same passion and determination of cyclists around the world. From early mornings to long mountain training rides, we know the journey is not always comfortable but we continue to work hard to become better with every product we launch and ever product we create. The Guee team combines several decades of mechanical and electrical engineering expertise with a history in bike design and international cycling market knowledge.

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Giant Well International Ltd. 

No. 239, Dafeng Rd., Dali Dist., Taichung City 412 , Taiwan
Tel: +886-4-2495-2618

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