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KD Comfort


  • Super comfortable grip produced by premium german silicone
  • High damping modulus suitable to reduce terrain shocks and vibrations
  • Low degradation process and hydrolysis free
  • Available with 4 ergonomic edges and a round side for comfortable hand grip
  • Prevent forearm injuries thanks to the super elastic modulus
  • Suitabe for trekking, city commuting and long distance rides

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KD Comfort is the professional grip made by German silicone and it is engineered with a special foaming process. German silicone represents the best technological raw material, it ensures lifetime durability and avoids skins issues. As a matter of fact German silicone is commonly used for medical purpose for the superior level of safety. KD comfort grip improves general hand comfort and provides a further damping element associated to the front bicycle shock absorber. KD Comfort has UV and heat-proof features. Those features improve grip lifetime and avoid the color to fade away under sun rays. KD comfort silicone grip has superior advantage over common silicone grips. KD Comfort is ideal for both daily commuter and long-distance touring and it represents the perfect solution for training.

  • Made by German silicone degradation and hydrolysis free
  • Easy to wash and to remove dirty dust debris
  • 4 ergonomic edges with a round side for comfortable hand grip
  • Anti-UV, heat-proof, toxic-free properties
  • Easy mounting operations

ID Ø16.5 x OD Ø 31.0 x Length 128 mm


80±3g/ pair


Black, Green, Orange, White, Yellow

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