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Premium End-Plug Metallic


  • Improved handlebar end-plug with Guee logo
  • Cap color matchable to tape color
  • Replaceable cap with protecting anti-shock plastic edge
  • Easy installing operations by a 90 degrees cap rotation
  • Fit all the round-shaped 31,7 diameter handlebar drop

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When you reach Guee you reach the best engineered cycling products. The Guee R&D is at the continuous research of new materials and new design in order to improve each product detail. The new Guee end-plug it is the result of the combination of idea, premium raw materials, and capability to produce it. We have selected the best cycling suppliers to engineer the end-cap and define it close to the perfection.

The end-cap it is the excellent result of the optimal tape mounting for all the round handlebar with a 31,7 diameter. The end-cap works with a traditional expanded locking system secured by a screw which must be moderately tightened.The end-cap is endowed of a colored plastic cover with an anti-shock plastic edge which protects the handlebar from eventual shocks or falls.

The colored cap can be replaced by a simple 90 degrees rotation and it is possible to match to the tape or to the bicycle color. The cap has the Guee logo embossed.

Discover the new premium end-plug series and the new Guee display in the best cycling shops.


Polycarbonate / TPU, Steel screw


27mm (H) x 26.5mm (W) x 26.5mm (L)




Glitter Blue, Racing Green, Titanium Silver, Wild Gold, Chameleon-Gold-Green, Chameleon-Purple-Blue, Chameleon-Ultra-Violet-Green, Metallic-Blue, Metallic-Orange, Metallic-Red, Shining-Black, Shining-Gold, Shining-Silver

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