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Attitude Fade


  • New eco-friendly TPU production process
  • Color shade tones that empower the legacy of bar tape and the new frame generation with fading colors
  • The Attitude production stage reduces the utilization of chemical solvents and carbon particulate
  • Leather touch feeling TPU
  • Improved damping support for maximum hand comfort
  • Road vibration and shock softener
  • Easy cleaning and wrapping operations
  • Available with black end-plug push-type

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TTransform your ride with the stunning Attitude Fade Bar Tape, designed to provide both style and performance. This bar tape features a striking multicolor pattern that transitions seamlessly through a spectrum of colors, adding a bold and unique aesthetic to your bike.
The Attitude family represents the new Guee challenge to offer cycling performance bonded to a green and low-carbon production process. In fact, the Attitude Fade represents the perfect fusion of environmental responsibility, performance, and style.

Attitude Fade is exceptionally engineered with the listed features:

  • Eco-Friendly TPU Material: We’ve chosen eco-friendly TPU material processed through a solvent-free, low-carbon manufacturing process. Minimizes environmental impact and ensures the tape’s durability and texture, offering exceptional slip resistance and comfort.
  • EVA Foam Material: The back of the tape is equipped with shock-absorbing EVA foam material, ensuring comfort and stable control for your hands, whether on long rides or leisure activities.The material effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations from rough terrains, reducing hand fatigue and ensuring a smoother ride. This makes it an ideal choice for long-distance rides and varied road conditions.
  • Anti-Slip Grip: The textured surface of the bar tape ensures a secure grip, even in wet conditions, giving you confidence and control during your rides.
  • The Attitude Fade Bar Tape showcases a dynamic pattern of geometric shapes in a rainbow fade, ensuring your bike stands out in any setting. This vibrant design not only enhances the visual appeal of your bike but also reflects your bold personality and love for cycling.

The Attitude Fade range is designed to provide the best hand grip in any riding condition. Its sticky properties and extreme durability make it ideal for this purpose.



Thermoplastic polyurethane(TPU) / EVA


2150mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 3mm (T)


75g/pair (excl. end plug)


Fading Blue, Fading Celeste, Fading Grey, Fading Orange, Fading Purple, Fading Red, Rainbow, Three Color Fade

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