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SL Speed


  • New high-reflective metallic colors
  • The tape graphic design emphasizes the road bike’s streamline
  • Superior strength to the hydrolysis process with 3 years of time span
  • Improved hands friction durability
  • Great damping support for the maximum comfort
  • Road vibration and shock soften
  • Non-slippery in wet and humid conditions
  • Tacky feature providing superior hand grip
  • Suitable for all handlebar shapes: round, flat, aero-bars
  • Premium end-plug included pairing the tape color
  • Lightweight product 30 gr. for each roll
  • Patent pending product

Lightweight product 30 gr. for each roll

Provides outstanding grip and comfort in all weather conditions

The new high-performance SL Speed bar tape redefines the cycling paradigm of high-end tape production that is crafted from premium leather, providing superior anti-slip properties and outstanding athlete comfort.
It represents an improved tactile experience that can be felt at first-hand touch; that specific feature takes the contact rider-to-handlebar to a new level. And perfectly combines high performance and sleek design.

New high-reflective metallic colors

Emphasizes the essence of speed and streamlining

The Guee style department has developed a graphic texture concept to emphasize the idea of aerodynamics and integrated design. As a result, the SL Speed provides a continuous streamline throughout the entire bicycle rather than being just a detached accessory.


Microtex-Polyurethane / EVA


2150mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 3 mm (T)


60g/pair (excl. end plug)


Bronze Titanium, Lightning Silver, Plasma Blue, Plasma Red, Racing Green, Storm Purple, Wild Gold

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