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Surface layer

Advanced PU material leather, as an ideal choice for bar tapes, offers bikers the perfect blend of style and function. With its exceptional hand feel and all-weather stickiness, it ensures safety and control. Furthermore, its resistance to hydrolysis guarantees extended durability in challenging conditions. Elevate your biking experience with this superior material.

Structural layer

Custom honeycomb fabric is a versatile material, known for its exceptional strength and flexibility. Its unique design, resembling a honeycomb, makes it an ideal choice for constructing tensioned structures that are both sturdy and lightweight. Additionally, this fabric acts as an efficient sweat and water absorber, enhancing comfort and functionality in various applications.

Based layer

The based layer foam has shock absorption ability engineered for its protective properties that offers great rebound and comfortable support, making it invaluable for cushioning applications. It excels in mitigating impacts and ensuring a comfortable experience, thanks to its resilient and supportive characteristics.